First Day of School 2022

Kia Ora Whānau,

What a beautiful day for our first day of the new school year. It was a real shame to not welcome our new students and staff this morning with an official pōwhiri, but it was nice to meet a lot of you yesterday at our Korero Mai and today on drop off. 

Thanks for your support and understanding in dealing with school at Red Level under the COVID-19 Protection Framework (CPF). It was great to see so many of our Year 4 students rocking some sweet masks! I know it will be a bother, but our teachers are making sure they get outside regularly and socially distance so they can remove them.

Thanks to those too who remembered to sign in and mask up if you came on site to settle your child on their first day. We have QR codes all over the school and we even have masks at the office if you forgot to bring one.


Since I am new to Turitea School, I have never experienced an after school pick up yet. I’m bracing myself for it, as I have been told about it! All I ask is that we be kind as we try to navigate the best way through this, with losing a lot of car parks due to the turf being constructed. Teachers will bring the kids down to the gate before 3pm lined up with siblings together in much the same way it was done last year. Please remember the four yellow parks outside the school are saved for quick pick up if your child is visible to you.

School Lunches:

These will start next week. Julie will put out communication to you all about this.

Staff Only Day:

This day is now Friday 4th March. We had to bring this forward a week earlier than what was communicated to you as it clashed with the Monster Garage Sale. Please take note of this change as school will be closed as the staff have a day of professional learning. 


Netball Manawatū have been working super hard to get the season off the ground despite the Red Level of the CPF. If your child is in Year 1-4 and would like to play, then please register them here. It is at Vautier Park on a Monday for Year 1/2 and either a Tuesday or Wednesday for Year 3/4 and costs $30 per person. Year 5/6 Netball is in Term 2.

School Pool:

I actually confused the Ben’s in my last communication. Ben Fletcher installed all our hand towel dispensers that we have in every class. Ben James is the one that has been helping Brad in keeping our pool running smoothly. Arohamai (Sorry) Ben’s, a big thanks to both of you! Remember to pack your child’s togs everyday so they can keep cool during the day. Parents of Manuka and Rimu should have received an email from Julie regarding your Lido swimming so please check your inbox (or spam folder) for this.

School PTA:

First meeting of the year is this Thursday 3rd February at 7pm in the Staffroom. All welcome to attend. 

School Donations/Activity Fee:

As communicated to you last week, although these aren’t compulsory, they certainly help us make Turitea School a great place for our tamariki. We ask for $100 per year if you have one child at school, $150 if you have two or more children at school. If you would rather give service to the school in lieu of a payment, please come and see me and we can come up with something. 

This year we would like to ask for a $10 per term activity fee. The reason for this is to create less work for Julie in the office who deals with little bits of money coming in here and there for trips that come up. This gives the teachers a budget to stick to when they are planning excursions or bringing experts on site to work with our children. Payments are preferred online directly: Westpac – 03 0726 0572091 00 and please include your child’s name and unique number in the Reference and Donations/Act Fee in the Particulars. If you don’t know your unique number, we will do a separate post with it attached.

It’s been great meeting my new community and making connections with you with mutual people we know. This will help me get to know you all better. Thanks to those who have come on up and said hello, it’s made me feel really welcome. Looking forward to what will be a fantastic year. 

Mā Te Wā (See you around)