A word from our Principal

Glenys Murphy

I was recommended to choose Teddy Academy as a primary school for my son. I visited school, talked to teachers and pupils and found so many opportunities here, that I had no doubts what decision to take. My son is now in elementary schools, but he still remembers Teddy Academy.

who we are

Meet Our Teachers

Juliet Holt

Rimu Teacher - Year 0 / 1

Bridgit James

Manuka Teacher - Year 1

Faye Taylor

Manuka Teacher - Year 1

Anneliese Nikorima

Rata Teacher - Year 2

Karen Walker

Pohutukawa Teacher - Year 2 / 3

Shane Brown

Matai Teacher - Year 3 / 4

Cameron Schaw

Totara Teacher - Year 4 / 5

Trish Molloy

Kauri Teacher - Year 5 / 6

Our Support Staff

Julie Macdonald

Office Admin

Tracey-Leigh Watson


Kirstin Wilson

teacher Aide