End of Week 7 Term 4 Pānui

This week marked the last day for Lucy, who has been a student teacher with Cameron and the team in Tōtara. Her teaching programme at Waikato University gives her one day a week in school placement for the whole year. We will all miss her as she has felt like part of our team and it’s been great to witness her growth in the role of a teacher since February. This week we welcomed Caleb to Turitea School. He is Matthew’s younger brother and is our last 5 year old to start for 2023 in Rimu with Meagan and Hannah....


End of Week 6 Term 4 Pānui

I’m getting in one day early with my Friday Pānui since tomorrow is our Staff Only Day and I thought I’d start with a staff story for you. Since Cameron started here at Turitea, he has made it part of our morning tea routine that we collectively do the Stuff Quiz. We love it because it models our school ngā uara (values) of whanaungatanga and mātauranga and since February 2022, the best we have ever done was a 14/15. But on Monday that all changed as we scored our first ever 15/15, so either the quizzes are getting easier or we...


End of Week 5 Term 4 Pānui

Thank you to those who have given us feedback about our recent Lamb, Calf and Pet Day. As expected, we received a wide range from those who loved the evening event to those who preferred the Saturday morning. It is hard to please everyone, but we all we aim to do is our best. If you haven’t given feedback and would still like to, you can do so here until next week. This week, we welcomed Philip to Rimu with Meagan and Hannah. He is Ivor’s younger brother and it is lovely to have the last member of the Baldie whānau...


End of Week 4 Term 4 Pānui

Huge thank you to you all who came and supported our Twilight Lamb, Calf and Pet Day last Friday. We had a lot of positive feedback about the event, but would love your thoughts on how to improve this day. If you have any ideas, please let us know through this quick survey. Our kids all took home their certificates from the indoor exhibits. Today was Gumboot Friday and we had plenty of tamariki put on their kamuputu (gumboots) to support this worthy cause pictured below. We appreciate your support and collected nearly $150 to donate to the cause.