End of Term 3 Week 1 Pānui

Welcome back to the new term. First time coming to you through our new school app HERO. Am hoping you have all got connected ok. Will still be posting this on the Skool Loop to catch those who haven’t made the transition across yet. Please reach out if you have connectivity issues as we do need a valid email address listed in our system so we can link you to your child/ren to access this. It’s simple and we hope you love it!


End of Term 2 Pānui

Today your child should come home with their mid year report. We hope you find these reports informative as our teachers spent a lot of time crafting them for you. It is a new format and I have tried to explain the reasoning here. Next term we plan to have another round of learning conferences where you can meet with your child’s teacher to discuss the content further and set some goals. Don’t feel like you need to wait until then to meet with your child’s teacher though as effective learning needs an effective partnership.


End of Week 9 Term 2 Pānui

We’ve been hit pretty hard by the winter illnesses with up to 30% of our tamariki away over the past weeks. Unfortunately our lovely Julie has been out with Covid this week and a few staff members have been ravaged by this flu going around. Our relief teacher pool is empty meaning some of your kids might not have their usual class routine on some days. Thanks to those of you who are letting us know when your child is sick. Remember this is really easy to report via the Skool Loop App in the Absentee tab.