In order to avoid overcrowding or the likelihood of overcrowding, the Turitea Board of Trustees have an enrolment scheme in place. Students are eligible to be enrolled if they live inside the school zone outlined below. If you would like to enrol your child at Turitea School, please fill out this form.

School Zone

  1. The school zone is that area bounded by the intersection of Old West Road (SH57) and Tennent Drive, follow to include Sheep Farm, Poultry Farm, Batchelar and Monginie Roads until you reach the Fitzherbert Avenue Bridge.  Follow the Manawatu River around in a north westerly direction to the river end of Petersens Road. Follow along Petersens Road to the intersection with Aokautere Drive (SH57).  The zone continues south along Aokautere Drive, taking in Polson Hill and Moonshine Valley Road. Continue south along Aokautere Drive until it intersects with Pacific Drive (Abbey Road, Woodgate Court, Johnstone Drive, Louries Way and Ron Place)

  2. From the southern end of Pacific Drive the zone turns west to the southern end of Valley Views then continues west to Turitea Road and follows south along Turitea Road then Water Works Road. At the end of Water Works Road, the zone turns west onto Greens Road. The zone continues along Greens Road until it intersects with Kahuterawa Road. The zone takes in the entire length of Kahuterawa Road until it ends at the intersection of Old West Road and Tennent Drive.

Out of Zone Enrolments

Each year the Board will determine the number of places which are likely to be available in the following term for the enrolment of students who live outside the home zone and the dates when ballots will take place.

Applications for enrolment will be processed in the following order of priority:

  1. First Priority: This priority category is not applicable at this school because the school does not run a special programme approved by the Secretary.

  2. Second Priority: Will be given to applicants who are siblings of current students.

  3. Third Priority: Will be given to applicants who are siblings of former students.

  4. Fourth Priority: Will be given to applicants who are children of a former student.

  5. Fifth Priority: Will be given to applicants who are children of Board employees or children of Board members.

  6. Sixth Priority: Will be given to all other applicants.

If there are more applicants in the second, third, fourth or fifth priority groups than there are places available, Selection within the priority group will be by ballot conducted in accordance with instructions by the Secretary. Under Section 11G (1) on the Education Act 1989. Parents will be informed of the date of any ballot on our school website.

Applicants seeking second or third priority status may be required to give proof of a sibling relationship.

For any enrolment inquiries, please email Troy