End of Term 3 Pānui

I’m back on deck after having last week home in Tamaki Makaurau/Auckland with my dear mother Barb, who hasn’t been very well. Being a proud former tumuaki/principal herself, she sent me back to finish the term out. Didn’t the weather treat us well yesterday? Having looked at the weather forecast and waking up to the early morning rain, I have to admit ‘My head said no, but my gut said go!’ so I was really glad that I trusted my gut, because the weather was the ideal condition for a day of athletics.


End of Term 3 Week 9 Pānui

Whakawhetai koe (Far-car-fear-tie-kwear: Thank you) to Craig Kawana, the original carver of our pare (pah-rear: lintel) from 2001 which lives above the main office door. Keeping it in the whānau, his son Mahina Scott-Kawana, under Craig’s tutelage, lovingly helped restore it to its former glory. Look up the next time you pop in and see for yourself how good the whakairo (fa-kai-roar: carving) is as a first impression to our school.


End of Term 3 Week 8 Pānui

I am writing you this pānui from Ōtautahi (Or-toe-tar-he: Christchurch) as I am currently attending the NZPF (New Zealand Principals Federation) annual hui (who-e: conference) down here. I’ve felt privileged to be able to connect with almost 800 tumuaki (too-moo-ar-key: principals) from around the motu (more-too: country). I've also been able to listen to some amazing speakers including former Black Fern legend Dr. Farah Palmer, Crusaders Coach Scott Robertson, Renown Scientist Dr. Siouxsie Wiles and NZ Māori Academic Prof. Russell Bishop.


End of Term 3 Week 7 Pānui

Thanks for all the love you showed me on Tuesday for my ‘big birthday’. Sounds like some things can’t be kept secret around here. It wasn’t all treats, cards and presents though (however they were really nice, see the photos) my office did get quite the makeover! Have a laugh at my expense here to see what some of the staff did for me... Hope that some of you took on the wero (weah-roar: challenge) of using some Te Reo Māori in your daily life this month. I’d love to hear how you’re getting on. With next week being Te...


End of Term 3 Week 6 Pānui

Yesterday marked the start of Mahuru - Māori Language Month. I challenge you to Kia Kaha Te Reo Māori - Have a go at using Māori Language. Sadly, we only have 3% of fluent speakers of Te Reo, a language that is native to us here in Aotearoa. You could start small; even if it is just changing from saying Hello to Kia Ora (Key or-ra) or See you later to Ka Kite (Car key-tear). I’ll try and support you with the pronunciation and give some phonetic pointers to help you out. One cool site I’ve stumbled across is Māori...