End of Term 2 Pānui

Kia ora e te whānau,

Today your child should come home with their mid year report. We hope you find these reports informative as our teachers spent a lot of time crafting them for you. It is a new format and I have tried to explain the reasoning here. Next term we plan to have another round of learning conferences where you can meet with your child’s teacher to discuss the content further and set some goals. Don’t feel like you need to wait until then to meet with your child’s teacher though as effective learning needs an effective partnership.

Board Elections: 

On Friday 15th July, nominations for our upcoming Board Elections open. You should be sent an email from CES, who are a reputable company that we are using to help us with this process, if you would like to stand. If you don’t receive this email, we do have paper forms at the office. Nominations close Friday 5th August.

Details Update:

Thank you for getting these back to us promptly. We realise school is often overlooked to let us know if you change address, phone number or email. Please remember to notify us if any of these change in future.

Skool Loop Out – Hero In:

I mentioned last week about our move to Hero over the holidays. You must have an email address listed with the school to access Hero which will be our primary form of communication to you all moving forward. 

Lamb, Calf and Pet Day:

This is not until Term 4, but it is set for Saturday 29th October and all students will participate with either an animal and/or indoor exhibits. If you’re interested in having a lamb/calf and need support to find one or information about what to do please contact Anna. Lambs/calves are eligible to enter if they are born between the 1st July – 15th September. Entry form and further details will be out next term. 

Kelly Sport Afterschool Programme:

This is continuing next term on a Tuesday afterschool. If your child already did this then you should have received an email to sign up again. If you saw this happening this term and wanted in, check out their info.

Property Brokers Partnership:

Fraser Bell has offered to support our school. If you are looking at selling your property and list and sell through him, he will donate $500 to the school. If you know anyone in the market, check him out here.

Ukulele Lessons: 

Ukulele lessons are a great way to introduce your child to string instruments and I would like to offer them to the school. Where possible, the lessons will be in pairs and I will supply the ukuleles for use. For further details, please send an email to harmonyhouse@xtra.co.nz or call Heather de Ridder on 027 245 2780. 

Loose Parts Play Items:

The Junior Team want to further extend their Play Based Learning and incorporate the use of Loose Parts; these are large items that come not prearranged and therefore repeatedly used in a multitude of imaginative ways. They are on the hunt for the following loose parts if you might be able to assist?

– Cardboard tubes and rolls (inners of glad wrap, wrapping paper, roofing paper etc)

– Plumbing off cuts, pipes, u bends, plastic guttering pieces up to approx 1m length

– Small wood off cuts (no sharp edges and untreated timber if possible)

– Small lightweight hammers and fine nails (pin or tacking nails that go in easily)

– Paint brushes (any size or condition) Adult sized/fence staining are great.

– Take away trays, ice cream containers, yoghurt containers small jars eg. Baby food

– Small plastic toys for water play, old watering cans, hose off cuts, obsolete bowls

– Rope, twine, ribbon, or materials off cuts. Does anyone know a florist or seamstress?

– Mr Potato Heads if you have any random parts or a lost body we’ll take em.

– Traditional plastic babies and baths/tubs for washing in, cloths and towels for these

– Teepees or small easy pop tents for creating reading spaces along the deck

– Large or Adult sized tee/shirts for Art Shirts

– Phone books for art palettes, just rip the top sheet of and bin so no washing

– Plastic Mega Blocks, for Structured Literacy making 3 and 4 letter words with letters on one and two blocks which click onto the 3 and 4 block bases.

Hopefully this list has given you a light bulb moment of something you have lying around that our tamariki would get some joy from during Play Based Learning. They would take anything you might have that sparks an interest and they can be dropped to Pohutukawa. If you have queries about suitability please email Kate.

Sports @ Turitea:

Hockey – resumes on 31st July

Netball – resumes on 6th August

Basketball – resumes on 28th July

Table Tennis – Season has concluded. Thanks so much to Tom and Anne for supporting this team.

Thanks for another great term everyone. Hoping you might have some time off over the school holidays to enjoy some whānau time together. Just a reminder that school resumes on Monday 25th July for Term 3.

Ngā manaakitanga,